Sweet Golden July (Case of 10 bottles of Tuscan and Sicilian sweet wines)

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1) “Vin Santo 1990” d.o.c. by “Montemercurio” (2 bottles)

An amber-yellow colour with orange specks, complex on the nose with traces of dry fruit, fig, peel of candied orange and honey. Persistance on the tongue with a sweet persistent finish but with a fresh pleasant acid flavour which make it perfect for some special dishes. Out of ordinary schemes, best served with dishes, such as foie gras, cakes with a great presence of chocolate and some spicy herbed cheeses.

2)“Dolce Sinfonia Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice” d.o.c. 2007 by “Bindella” (2 bottles)

100% Sangiovese. The nose is remarkably complex and intensely aromatic, with deep balsamic notes and overtones of dried fruit, prunes and caramelised figs; on the palate, it is rich and dense, with a sophisticated tannic weave and a sustained acidity that pleasantly balance the sweet sensations. A very long sipping wine. Also excellent with dark-chocolate desserts or mature cheeses.

3)“Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice” d.o.c. 2007 by “Dievole” (2 bottles)

Made in a 100% artisanal way, Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice is the crowning jewel of our winemaking. Produced using only the finest Sangiovese grapes (comprising 80%), it is aged in oak casks that lend an unmistakable colour and flavour to the wine. The deep amber colour immediately conveys an idea of how it will taste: bold, bodied and perfect for meditation. A vin santo that could only ever be at home in Tuscany and which is numbered by hand, given its prestige, to emphasize its unique traits and personality. Deep amber color. Ethereal, intense, with notes of sweet toasted wood bouquet. Harmonious deep taste with aromas of almond, walnut and vanilla. Meditation wine.

4)“Moscadello di Montalcino” d.o.c. 2015 by “Capanna” (2 bottles)

It is a white wine of the Tuscany tradition, already appreciate in the Middle age but later forgot. The Capanna company produced a valid interpretation.The grapes are 100% Moscato Bianco coming from vineyards located on the north of Montalcino, in the Montosoli territory. The grape harvest is at the beginning of September, follows the maceration for about 2 days on the peels with the fermentation at low temperature. Then it is decanted and filtered many times and finally bottled in October. Aesthetically it has faint golden colour, characteristic moscato, floral and fruity aroma, intense bouquet, the taste is sweet, equilibrated and fulfilling.It is perfect to be drunk with dried pastry and sweets in general even those filled with custard and fruit, ice-creams, has to be served at 8-10°C.

5)“Passito di Pantelleria Ben Ryé”d.o.c. 2015 by “Donnafugata” (2 bottles)

Made from Zibibbo grapes, grown on vines trained using the traditional “alberello pantesco” bush-training system, awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO, Ben Ryé 2015 has a brilliant amber color. The nose offers a fragrant and complex bouquet, with notes of fresh apricot and orange zest combined with scents of Mediterranean scrub (thyme and rosemary). The palate amazes with its great freshness and intensity, with a pleasant sweetness balanced by great minerality and lively sapidity. It finishes with a lingering persistence, with a satisfying return of the fruity note. A complex and captivating Passito di Pantelleria, one of the most appreciated Italian sweet wines in the world. It matches with caramelized duck, foie gras and blue cheeses. It goes well with pastries and gourmet chocolate like gianduja. Extraordinary alone, as a meditation wine. Excellent at 14°C/57°F°.

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